Aims and Scope

The Journal of Iranian Studies (JIS) is a peer-reviewed open-access semiannual journal in Persian (with extended English abstracts and bibliographies) devoted to the fields of literature, Iranian language and culture, and history, published by the Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman and is scientifically sponsored by the Association for Iranian Studies. It is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the publication of original articles, review articles, etc., considering the research ethics and academic rules and regulations.


The Journal of Iranian Studies (JIS) aims to foster scholarly exploration and research across various domains within Iranian Studies. The primary focus of articles in this journal encompasses Iranian literature, history, culture, language, and mythology, along with their manifestations. The specific objectives of the journal include:

- Creating a Foundation for Cultural Enrichment: By providing a platform for scholarly discourse, the journal seeks to facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of Iranian culture.
- Promoting Iran-Related Studies: The journal endeavors to introduce and elevate research efforts related to Iran, thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge in this field.
- Highlighting Emerging Areas in Iranian Studies: Through its content, the journal aims to shed light on new and evolving aspects of Iranian studies.

The Journal of Iranian Studies (JIS) publishes the highest quality original contributions dealing with:

- Iranian-Islamic culture and arts.
- Iranian literature and languages.
- Iranian studies.
- Interdisciplinary studies focusing on Iranology.
- Iranian and Persian history, literature, and society.